Call for Papers


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Guidelines for Contributors

Manuscripts for the Conference proceedings should be submitted to no later than March 01, 2017. The text should not exceed 45,000 characters (with spaces), not including abstracts and the list of references.

The language of the submitted papers can be Croatian or English, depending on the language in which they were presented at the Conference. The language accuracy and appropriateness (including language editing) is the responsibility of the author.

Manuscripts should be submitted as Word documents.

The text should be paginated, and the font should be Times New Roman. Font size 12 points and the spacing of 1.5 should be used. Paragraphs need to be clearly separated. Subtitles are written in bold font and preceded by a single blank space.

The first page of the paper should contain the full name of the author and affiliation. These are followed by the title of the paper – written in bold font (font size 14) – as well as the abstract written in the same language as the paper. Up to five keywords should be listed in alphabetical order in a separate paragraph, written in the same language as the abstract. If the paper has more than one author, information is provided for each individual author.

Primary and secondary sources should be listed at the end of the paper.

References are cited in the text by the surname of the author, the year of publication and page references, e.g.
Na završenom 37. seminaru Zagrebačke slavističke škole, koju vodi Krešimir Bagić, sudjelovalo je stotinjak slavista iz 27 zemalja. […] Na izložbi je pokazano 450 prevedenih knjiga s hrvatskoga na 23 jezika, a bile su tu i Čudnovate zgode šegrta Hlapića na japanskom i bengalskom. (Marunić-Lisičić 2008: 26) (Katičić 1971) or (Crnković i Težak 2002: 235). Data previously mentioned in the text need not be repeated in brackets. In case of references to works with multiple authors, only the first author is listed, e.g. (Žmegač et al. 2003). Citations from the same work are labelled thusly: (ibid.). In case of paraphrasing, the abbreviation cf. should be inserted before the surname of the author, e.g. (cf. Katičić 1971: 27). Quotes longer than three lines should be separated from the body of the text with a 0.75 cm indentation from the left margin, and written in font size 11, e.g.:

Authors are advised to use italics for emphasis and avoid bold font. Graphs, tables and images should be numbered. Appropriate labels (e.g. Tab. 1…, Image 1…) should be added below (font size 11).

The list of references at the end of the paper should include full bibliographic details for all references in alphabetical order of authors’ surnames and in chronological order for a single author. Only works referred to in the paper should be listed. For example:


Crnković, Milan (1998). Hrvatske malešnice. Zagreb: Školska knjiga.

Crnković, Milan; Dubravka Težak (2002). Povijest hrvatske dječje književnosti: od početaka do 1955. godine. Zagreb: Znanje.

Edited books:

Javor, Ranka, ed. (2000). Kakva je knjiga slikovnica: zbornik. Zagreb: Knjižnice grada Zagreba.

Sipe, Lawrence R.; Sylvia Pantaleo, eds. (2008). Postmodern Picturebooks: Play, Parody and Self-Referentiality. New York & London: Routlegde.

Chapters in books:

Paljetak, Luko (1983). “Kombolova teorija prevođenja”. Maštrović, Tihomir; Nevenka Košutić-Brozović, eds. Zbornik o Mihovilu Kombolu. Zadar: Hrvatsko filološko društvo, 223-236.

Articles in journals:

Nodelman, Perry (1991). “The Eyer and the I: Identification and first-person narratives in picturebooks.” Children’s Literature 19: 1-31.

Hutcheon, Linda (2008). “Harry Potter and the Novice’s Confession.” The Lion and the Unicorn 32, no. 2: 169-179.

Websites and other on-line sources:
Petr, Kornelija; Radovan Vrana; Tatjana Aparac-Ječušić. (2002). “Obrazovanje na daljinu: mogući model u području knjižnične i infromacijske znanosti Hrvatske”. Edupoint. <> (accessed January 22, 2010).International Children’s Digital Library Foundation. A Library for the World’s Children. <> (accessed June 28, 2011).

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